Sunday morning 15.10.23 Riah Martin

Mark 15:39 Truly this Man is the Son of God

Sunday evening 1.10.23

Ruth 2 Andy Billinghay

Morning service 1.10.23

Acts 9:10-25 Pastor John Eaton

Sunday afternoon 24.9.23 Harvest

Matthew 9:35-38 Andy Billinghay The Lord of the harvest

Sunday morning 24.9.23 Harvest

Ruth 1 God is still in control in the difficult times. Andy Billinghay

Morning Service 17.9.23

Jonah 4 The Jonah Syndrome. Andy Billinghay

Evening service 17.9.23

Philippians 2:5-11 The Person and Work of Christ. Andy Billinghay

Evening service 10.9.23

Psalm 149 Mr Andy Billinghay

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