What we believe

S.C.E.C. is an Evangelical church. That means we give the central place of our worship to the preaching and teaching of God's Word the Bible.

We are committed to New Testament Christianity, seeking to avoid the man made excesses that are so prominent in many churches today.

Southern Cross is an independent free church based in Portslade, Brighton. We are in fellowship with The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches [FIEC] and adhere wholeheartedly to their Basis of Faith  and Gospel Unity Statement.

A teaching programme for those wanting to know more about the Christian faith is available. Locally this takes the form of an informal group meeting. For those further afield the course may be undertaken as a correspondence study. Details can be obtained by e-mailing  the church office at southern.cross@ntlworld.com

Do you wonder why you are here? Where are you going? Does life have a purpose? Perhaps you ask "if there is a God of love why is there so much suffering in the world?"

We can recommend a series of booklets that deal with these subjects and more.
To see a selection of these please go to
The John Blanchard collection

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