S Cross and Kenya

Dandora 2016

Victory Education Centre

This school has grown over the last year of 2016 from 305 youngsters to a total of 345



Picture of part of school after sports day with
                          some of teachers   



                          Egg and spoon race sports day in October 2016

Over the last 18 months we have sorted out the drainage at the school. Funds were raised by Southern Cross Crusaders doing a sponsored walk and also a couple of donations.  

                                                      Drainage before and after



A larger fresh water tank has been put in place to give them more fresh water.

Challenges still needed 

  1. ·         Four more toilets
  2. ·         Classrooms to have walls of stone
  3.           Foundations need to be raised by four inches so when it rains hard
              and floods the water won't come into the classrooms


 Sports Day 2016




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