Summer Holiday Club Craft ideas day 3

Ruth Part 3    Craft Ideas

Key stage 1 children. If your aged 4-6

  •   Take a photo of members of your household and make a photo frame (See attached making frame video)


  •   Draw a tree with branches and write your family names on a branch or leaf.

Underneath the branch or leaf, you could write one word that describes them e.g. kind, funny, helpful to name a few.



If you are key stage 2 children aged 7 and above.

  •   Either of the above
  •   Make a wedding card/ birthday card/thank you card and post it.
  •   Find out about your own family tree online/ask relatives to help.  How far can you go?
  •   Have you made a promise of late? Have you kept it? If not perhaps make one now, something simple like being a good friend.  Just think about it first and what that promise means.

  Write out the 10 commandments, as these are promises to God that we will keep. Look these up in the back of your bible under ‘T’ -  Ten commandments.


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