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Ruth Chapter 2 DAY 2              craft ideas.

Aim - How God provides for your needs for everyone no matter what your situation.

When cooking or using knives ALWAYS ask an adult to help

In chapter two we read that Boaz was very kind to Ruth.  He told his servant to pull some good grain for her to pick up.  Ruth wasn’t to know this.

We use grains to cook with.  Whilst your having fun cooking, think about the story.

A question for you to be thinking about when you’re cooking.

I wonder what Ruth and Naomi would have cooked, and how would they have cooked it?


Key stage 1 children. If your aged 4-6

  • Let the cinema come to you.  Ask an adult to microwave some popcorn and watch your favourite film or T.V programme together.
  • Make a pasta necklace, bracelet, or picture.  See attached sheet.
  • Make or buy gingerbread people biscuits and decorate them with icing or any biscuit will do.


If you are key stage 2 children aged 7 and above.

  • Muffin pizza to share with your grown-up in your household. Or make your very own from scratch.       
  • Quick recipe for bread rolls. Share them with your grown-ups, brothers, and sisters. see attached sheets
  • Make breakfast or lunch for your grown-up.
  • Age 12 and above or with permission from your grown up.  Make spaghetti bolognaise or dinner that contains wheat or a type of grain. e.g. long/short grain rice.
  •  Homemade rice pudding.

We would love to know how you got on with any of the above ideas, or did you think of any of your own?

Drop us an e-mail to and let us know how you got on.

Happy cooking!

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