Southern Cross and Kenya



 Southern Cross has been privileged to work closely with the Gloryland Worship Centre in Dandora a slum district of Nairobi, Kenya. Since our Pastor's first visit in 2004, this has become very much our sister church with close liaison between our leadership and theirs.  




                         Pastors Steve and John in 2004


Pastor John Odiero is very concerned about the lack of training many pastors in this community receive. He is working together with us to set up a programme to help these men receive the training they need.

To help those lacking the basic resources pastors in the west take for granted, the Ebenezer Christian Library has been established. It has been furnished by books from AiM's Tools for the Job, and a supply lovingly made available by Grace Publications.


     Books recently distributed at a Pastor training seminar
     These were made available by the kind assistance of Pastor Training International

Education of the young

Amongst other projects, the Gloryland Worship Centre runs 
The Victory Education Centre. 
A school for the children of the poor in Dandora. The staff are not paid, but the church tries [when finances permit] to give a  gift of approximately £30 a month to each of the teachers.


We are delighted to announce that the CD Children in Africa is now again available either from southern Cross or from Portslade Infant School [see link below]
All money raised through it's sale will go to help
The Victory Education centre.





Water recently installed
by money raised through a sponsored walk organised by a member of Southern Cross' youth group, Crusaders, and by a gift donated by Portslade Infant School



 Click here for the time in Nairobi


For more information on Southern Cross' work in Kenya, or to find out how you or your church can help our brethren in this city please e-mail Chris at


New toilet block, finance helped by SCEC and Southern Cross Crusader Group

                                            The old toilets [left] the new block [right]]


                                    The Team [2012] with teachers from

the Victory Education Centre

   Centre Linda [in blue], Chris [in red], far right Roy.

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