From the Pastor's Desk November 2020


As we read of the great shepherds of God’s people in the Bible nearing the end of their ministries, we see them pouring themselves out into the lives of those under their charge, both Moses and Joshua laboured to ensure that the Israelites remained faithful to the Lord. The apostle Paul whilst at Miletus took time to meet with the Elders of the
Ephesian Church to warn them that after his departure savage wolves will seek to rend the flock. Paul is so passionate about the protection of the Church that he says that he did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears. [Acts 20:31] Our Lord Himself prior to going to the Cross took time out to give His Disciples extensive teaching, read John 13-16, see the many subjects covered by our Lord in this
impromptu Bible class.

A true shepherd of the sheep desires that the sheep under his charge are protected, both in his presence and in his absence. This is why dear brethren and sisters I as your Pastor, as I come to retirement have over the last year bombarded you with certain forms of teaching. This is why I have, to the point of monotony, emphasised your need to avail yourself of any and all means to prevent false teaching from attacking the flock here in Southern Cross after I leave. The evening series on Nahum is dealing with how we relate to a fallen society and how God deals with it, whilst the new morning studies in Jude, [which alas we won’t conclude before January]  warns us of the
encroachment of savage wolves that in Jude’s day and indeed ours, are seeking to pervert the truth and lead the Church away from the simplicity that is in Christ.

My friends, as yes that is what you are, my friends, it has been  both my
pleasure and privilege to lead you into the truth these last nineteen years,
 I believe Scripturally you have a good foundation, and now I encourage you to build on it. Don’t be like those immature ones who are swept along by every wind of doctrine, blowing this way and that, but have a stern sharp rudder that steers your course ahead, make that the Word of God alone. Disregard the
fancies and fables devised at best by man at worst by demons that seek to
enter the church under the guise of church growth movements  and so forth.

Our Lord has called us to be faithful in all things, but never has He instructed us to be successful, in  fact the opposite is true.  Whilst being faithful Paul sowed the seed of the Gospel, but was only too aware that it was God alone who could bring converts from it. [1 Corinthians 3:7] The great commendation from our Lord is not, well done successful servant, but rather “well done good and
faithful servant,”  [Matthew 25:21]  and again in Revelation 2:10 “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.” 

Remain faithful dear saints of God, remain faithful to God and His Word, and remain faithful to each other, that you stand firm and go on being led by the Spirit of God.


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