From the Pastor's Desk March 2020

Last month we commenced a six week evening study on the subject of the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit as part of our  series on an Overview of Christian Doctrine.

This is important for us as there is a tremendous amount of confusion about the Third Person of the Trinity within the Church today. Some go to great lengths to make the Holy Spirit and His gifts the centre of their meetings, whilst others seem almost to avoid the subject, only mentioning the Holy Spirit when the text studied absolutely requires it.

Now I know Jesus said that the Spirit would testify of Him [John 15:26]. The Spirit’s ministry is not to draw excessive attention to Himself, but to point us to Christ, but that does not mean we are to neglect teaching on  the Spirit. To this end during March we will be continuing this series within a series by looking at some of the terms we use with regard to  relationship with God through the Spirit. Terms we often use interchangeably, but are they really one and the same? We shall see that these each give us a better and unique understanding of our fellowship with God through the Spirit’s work.

We will be therefore considering the following:- The Spirit’s Baptism, what did John the Baptist mean when He said Jesus would baptise with the Spirit and Fire? [Matthew 3:11]. This will be followed by a study on what the Bible teaches about speaking with other tongues.

Then what does the Bible tell us about being filled with the Spirit  and the Sealing of the Spirit, are these the same as the Baptism in the Holy Spirit? If you’re baptised with the Spirit do you then need to be filled with the Spirit?

We will look at these often controversial and important doctrines, especially in these days when we as a church are praying to know more of God and His leading for our future.

To prepare yourself for these studies, I highly recommend the publication
Great Doctrines of the Bible Vol 2
The Holy Spirit. by Dr DM Lloyd Jones.
[This may be out of print, but when I last looked there were used copies available on Amazon]



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