From the Pastor's Desk December 2020

I know it might seem trite to say “It only seems yesterday that I was inducted as your  Pastor”, but in some ways it seems that I’ve barely started my ministry here, and still often feel like the new boy, whilst on other occasions, the Church and its members have become so much part of my life, I cannot imagine life without SCEC and its congregation.

After nearly twenty years of caring for the flock of God here at Southern Cross, it seems right that we move on to take retirement.  Not that a Christian truly retires, but simply exchanges one role for another in the life of the Church of God. How often have retired Pastors said to me, “I have so many opportunities to serve God in my retirement I wonder how I had time to work?

We often sing, “I do not know what lies ahead,...but I know who holds the future and He’ll guide me with His hand”,1 and how true that is, both of our lives as Lorraine and I slip off into gentle retirement, and of SCEC as you enter into a new  chapter of your spiritual experience. Our prayers are that God will guide the right man to take over your pulpit, and lead you into fresh pastures, and that you as members and adherents of the Church continue to find your fit in the body and undertake the work our Lord has appointed that only you can do. In Ephesians 4:16, Paul writes speaking of the local Church, that “ every part does its share, [and] causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.”  “Every part”, whatever gifts you have, preaching, or cleaning, or making the tea, these are gifts God has given you that the Church may be benefited. Not to selfishly squander on yourself, but to be freely shared.

May God richly bless you in all things in the coming days.

With all our prayers and love in Christ,   
Pastor Steve and Lorraine



1 CCL 37168 Alfred B Smith & Eugene Clarke;  © 1947/1958  Singspiration Music /
 Brentwood Benson Music Publishing / Universal Music Publishing Ltd.



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